Stop! Cut!

Stop! Cut!

Stop! Cut!


It finally happened! We have completed the last stage of our competition “Real stories of ERG”. As we promised, we shot five videos, five stories of our winning heroes. All of the videos will be uploaded to the corporate social networks and here on the website

Let us recall that the competition “Real stories of ERG” started in April 2019 and was held within the framework of the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Group. Exciting stories about talents, hobbies, passions and achievements of employees were coming from all enterprises of the company.

It was interesting for us to read letters from our regions of Kazakhstan, as well as Africa and Brazil. We got to know each other and realized that ERG has a strong and talented team consisting of people who can not only set up production records, but also do good, overcome their weaknesses, share experience and make themselves happy.

We shot five stories: about the kind and strong woman Beibish TOKMURZINA, the fearless mountain-lover Elena MAKOVSKAYA, the incredibly persistent marathon-runner Andrey DEPTSOV, and about Arcady GUBAREV who breaks all stereotypes. Another mini-movie should be about our colleague – the brave donor Alexey SYCHUGOV, but, unfortunately, for certain reasons the video was not shot.  Instead of him, we will introduce you to a unique person – Sergey SALAMAKHA who trains children of Rudny for free.

We’d like to congratulate all the participants once again and wish them further success! Share these stories, because they deserve to be learned by the whole country!


Sergey Salamakha: The case of a lifetime

Elena Makovskaya: The female power

Beibish Tokmurzina: To welcome everyone with open arms

Arcady Gubarev: Try to take a step!

Andrey Deptsov: Toward a better life

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