Torezhan Alipov

Torezhan Alipov

Enterprise: Shubarkol Komir JSC

Position: Diagnostic Engineer of the Maintenance and Repair Reliability Department


Challenge for the Superman

They say that people often become heroes reluctantly – life itself chooses a person to test for humanity and strength. So Engineer Torezhan TALIPOV has once, by a stroke of luck, shown heroism in a seemingly simple life situation.

Torezhan has been working at Shubarkol Komir JSC since 2010. He has passed a good career path, starting from the position of a Mountain Section Electrical Fitter. At the present time, he is fully engaged in the “Think tank” project, and one of his proposals has already been taken for implementation. However, he has one remarkable story in his life: back in 2013 he became a hero of the local newspaper “Novyi Vestnik” which brief publication has been sent by him to us for competition.

In the summer of 2013, 79-years-old Zinaida FEDOROVA went the usual way for grocery. She got across a shaky iron stairs rising above the pipes of the heating main, reached the shop and stock up. Her bag turned out to be heavy.

— “I was sitting on a bench. An old lady was walking by with a bag and a cane. She asked me to bring her to the entryway,” - says Torezhan ALIPOV. “Of course, I didn’t refuse. We were walking slowly to the stairs. Suddenly I felt the movement behind me. I turn round and see a car riding on us. At first I thought the driver was reversing the car. I started screaming and whistling to make him pay attention to us. The car had not stopped and ran over us. The old lady was walking very poorly and we hadn’t time to move away.”

Zinaida Vasilyevna got under the wheels. Torezhan had rested with all his body against the trunk of the “Passat” and gave a shout to the driver. There was no response. He looked inside the car, the passenger compartment was empty. Torezhan called out for help, but, as bad luck would have it, there were no adults nearby. There were children around the car. Five- or six-years-old boys began pushing the car together with Torezhan.

— “It was very hard,” — Torezhan admits. – “The old lady was lying face down, between the rear wheels of the “Passat”. I, together with the boys, almost rolled back the car when a woman appeared, and we finally released the old lady.

While Torezhan was keeping on holding the “Passat”, the boys brought some bricks and put them under the wheels to stop the car.

Zinaida Vasilyevna had her shin torn, and her elbows and knees were scraped. She was not able to get up and remained lying on the asphalt. Torezhan ALIPOV called an ambulance and police. Medical workers took the woman to a hospital. Physicians put in several stitches to the retiree, everything worked out.

— “Of course, we are thankful to this guy. If it was not for him, the car would have crushed our granny,” says Valentina LATYFULLINA, the daughter-in-law of Zinaida FEDOROVA. – “We thought about how we could thank him. Let the newspapermen write that there are still the good guys. He’s a good lad, just a hero of our time! Thank him very much!”