Suat Soltanimanov

Suat Soltanimanov

Enterprise: Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant JSC

Position: Non-Ferrous Founder. Day shift foreman


“Music is my escape”

Suat SOLTANIMANOV, a foreman from the foundry shop of the KEP, is an ordinary guy with an ordinary story. He’s never been in pursuit of fame or wealth, and has never strived to be the best. He just lives. He lives and warms his happiness every day: with a cheerful mind, care, love, mutual understanding and And it doesn’t matter whether it is “Zhar-Zhar” at friends’ wedding or the ERG anthem at the plant’s holiday, or a children lullaby. Whatever song he’s singing, it makes him feel good at once. Because music is his escape.

Suat has been singing from his childhood. Being a five-year-old boy, he climbed a chock and arranged solo concerts for neighboring children. “Your home’s roof,” - Suat sang a then-popular song of Yuri ANTONOV, and spectators applauded to him.

Children’s passion has evolved into a favorite hobby. For long years, Suat has been singing in restaurants in his spare time and even hosts events sometimes, however only for his friends.

– “Here’s my main work that affords me an opportunity to feed my family and raise my children,” he says about the work at the plant. – “And my creativity is something without which I cannot live.

Suat came to the plant eight years ago, and got a job of a Non-Ferrous Founder in the Aluminum Electrolysis Shop. The collective here is friendly; it has always been renowned for its merry mini-corporate holiday parties. People noticed the talent of our hero at one of such parties. Since then, he’s been participating in all plant events. And since 2015, when he joined the musical band consisting of employees of the electrolysis and aluminum plants, Suat began to perform both at regional and Group celebrations as well.

He’s also a good actor, wonderful singer and plays musical instruments. By the way, he masters three instruments, as piano, guitar and dombra. He says his love for music is in his blood – every member of Suat’s family is artistic.

– “My father played the accordion, worked in the civil registry office and performed the Wedding March. My grandmother could play dombra, and my mother sings well,” – the metallurgist says.

It is not surprising that Suat’s children also inherited this creativity. One his daughter sings excellently, and the second – dances. According to our hero, his devout wish is to arrange a joint concert item for his princesses. He dreams of seeing both his daughters performing on the stage together.

– “I dream a lot, set goals for myself and imagine them,” Suat says. “In the future, I want to live in a cottage, and to have a car to carry my wife and children. They are my wealth. Every time when I come home from work, they run out by the whole crowd to meet me. They rejoice, hug and kiss. At times like these you understand the reason for being”.

Today, he, together with his spouse Gulzamira, brings up five children. They try to cultivate the best qualities in their children. Especially mutual respect and support.

– “Zamira supports me very much. And it helps me a lot in my life. I want my children to know how important it is to have such a support; and I want them to help each other,” Suat outlines.

Despite his life difficulties, he’s always cheerful. This can be confirmed by anyone who knows him. What is the secret? It’s just that Suat is sure that it’s all to the good:

– “Well, you lost your courage and so what? Who benefits from this? You just shoot yourself in the foot. I believe that it’s necessary to act and solve your problems. And it’s better to live so that these problems don’t happen at all.

And what is more, songs are helpful. Someone needs to speak his/her mind to feel better, and for Suat it’s enough to sing. This way he releases all emotions.


The story sent by: Aida YESMAGAMBETOVA