Samal Amanzhol

Samal Amanzhol

Enterprise: The Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant

Position: Maintenance and Test Engineer of the Production and Communication Automation Shop


Contrary to stereotypes

From childhood, the active and restless Samal was different from her peers. While all the girls played dolls, as well as at keeping house, she was engaged in judo and played football with the boys for long hours.

With age, her interests have not changed, but have only been reinforced by even greater ambitions and opportunities. She wanted to play football. However, the stereotype stating that this is not an occupation for a woman forced her to be kept in order.

When she came to work at the plant, she thought of severe production, machines, equipment, and routine. She even had no thoughts of public life, events and competitions. But everything turned over in a moment when she heard about the women’s futsal team. Sure enough, Samal joined the team and has not missed any training since then.

By the way, they take place twice a week. Here, as with the men’s team, everybody shall strictly obey the rules - the delay of any of the players leads to the punishment for the whole team. And punishments are established by the coach. Usually, this is an additional workload.

- This way the team spirit was formed due to our coach, - Samal tells. - Though, my sense is that we became a team much earlier. We got chummy with each other so much so we’re a real family now. We celebrate all holidays and birthdays together, we always support and help each other.

Samal is a very kind and sociable person, she always smiles and, if necessary, will come to the rescue. She is convinced that there is no such notion as "I can't", there’s a phrase - "I don't want to." And this is her main motivation giving a boost to act. There can be thousands of reasons to refuse to participate in something or to fail to fulfill a request.

This is Samal's attitude both to her work and life. She goes into everything new confidently and easily, and she’s always ready for discoveries. The confirmation is the next two bronze medals as part of the national team of the Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant, won for the race among women at the Eurasian Games 2019; participation in the plant-scale dancing group Emerald, as well as regular volunteering activities.

At the Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant, Samal is employed as a Maintenance and Test Engineer of the Production and Communication Automation Shop. She said that she become a telecommunication operator feeling inspired by the feats of soldiers during the Great Patriotic War. In spite of her "non-feminine" hobbies, Samal, as much as any girl, dreams of acquiring her family, as well as of fulfilling her professional potential and progressing up the career ladder.

Samal meets troubles halfway and takes no refusals. After all, she is clearly confident that nothing is impossible.

The story sent by: Altynai IBRAYEVA