Ruslan Urazalin

Ruslan Urazalin

Enterprise: Sokolov-Sarybai Mining Production Association (SSGPO) JSC

Position: Deputy Head of Technical Department

Experience: 8 years


When you give your word, you have to stick to it

His name is Ruslan Urazalin, and his most prominent trait is his determination, something he has carried since childhood. A year ago, Ruslan weighed 135kg, and realized something needed to be done about his weight. After joining the ERG Youth Meeting, a training programme aimed at personal growth, he promised himself he would lose weight. A year later, staying true to his word, he had lost an incredible 45kg.

Prior to his weight loss, Ruslan led a sedentary lifestyle, whereby both his work and personal lifestyle consisted of very limited physical activity. Ruslan, who was 30 years old at the time, also suffered from hypertension and  shortness of breath while walking. He couldn’t even think about playing any sports: the extra weight didn't allow it. His favorite sport, football, was only enjoyed through a TV. He knew that he needed to change his lifestyle and improve his health, but that was easier said than done. The turning point came last year during his visit to an ERG Youth Meeting. During those visits, he instantly became impressed by the activities on offer and the emphasis on personal growth. Ultimately, ERG Youth Meetings changed his way of thinking, and for the better.

Ruslan decided there and then, to participate - together with over three hundred colleagues – in a project for self-improvement which was offered at the ERG Youth Meeting. He swore to himself that he would give it his all – and Ruslan is man of his word. This determination in keeping a promise has in fact, helped him during many difficult moments. His biggest incentive is avoiding the experience of having to look people in the eye and telling them he couldn’t keep to his word.

His progress was gradual, and Ruslan paced himself according to his body’s limits. Ruslan also worked on his diet, eating nutritious and healthy foods including plenty of water. He followed a strict diet throughout the week, allowing himself to only have a relaxed diet during the weekend. After Ruslan began following this strict diet, he soon started to notice a healthy weight loss. With each lost kilogram it became easier for Ruslan to start participating in football and volleyball matches. As soon as Ruslan got in shape, he took part in the ERG Winter Olympics with other employees of the SSGPO. According to the results, he was named "Best Player" out of his pellet production factory.

Last year Ruslan weighed 135 kg.  He lost 45 kg in 12 months! And today his weight is 90 kg with a height of 186cm. He said he will not be satisfied until he has reached his goal of 85 kg.

His wife and children are very supportive. So much so that the menu at home consists of very little fried and smoked food, opting instead for boiled and baked dishes. Three times a week he enjoys his favorite sport, football. This time however, he’s playing it, instead of watching it on TV.

Losing 45kg has radically changed his life. For Ruslan Urazalin, the main thing has always been about seeing the bigger picture, to embrace the opportunities and to never give up.