Kirill Salnikov

Kirill Salnikov

Enterprise: Kazakhstan Aluminium Smelter

Position: System Engineer within the IT Department


My music stratosphere

My name is Kirill, I'm 24 years old and I would like to tell you my musical story. I suppose it is a reminder of how much really comes from childhood. My older brother always listened to rock music and the sound of Nirvana, Metallica, Sodom, among other legends, constantly pervaded our home. Eventually, finding rock band cassettes lying around the house soon became a common sight.

 Over time, I began to play along to the cassettes, trying to copy the style of play of the rock artists. One day, while watching a Metallica concert on the TV, I fell in love with Lars Ulrich and the way he played the drums. I was struck by his style and wanted to play the drums as energetically and enthusiastically as he did. After that I went searching for a pair of drumsticks, some chairs and soon began drumming away to Metallica songs. To my surprise, it turned out to sound really cool!

 After that I decided to start teaching myself how to play the drums on my own. From that point, I had already played to most Metallica songs, as well as other rock banks. For about a year I even played in one of the Pavlodar bands.

  But my real passion remains playing the guitar. And I was always inspired by the leader of the “Kino” band, Viktor Tsoi. At the age of 16 I got my first guitar and enrolled at a music school. But the classes were difficult, and I had to leave and master the notes on my own. And you know what? I did it!

In 2013, I thought about forming my own band. I met a couple of guys, and soon enough, our band Nevermind was born. We had a great time! We performed at local concerts, even went to neighboring Omsk. Over the years, the band has repeatedly changed its name and its composition, and in 2017 we released our first album, “World”. In 2018, our second album, “War of New People”, was released, and in the summer of this year we release our third album, “Exodus”. We plan to tour the cities of Kazakhstan and Russia.