Maria Khan

Maria Khan

City: Aksu

Enterprise: TNC Kazchrome

Position: Remuneration manager


An act of kindness can go a long way

I'll tell you about how the act of a teacher not only gave me a valuable perspective on life but also helped me get a job that I would come to love and recognition from colleagues.

In the second year of my studies at Karaganda State Technical University within the Faculty of Economics and Management, I was approached by a teacher at recess and was given an opportunity. The teacher had requested from the Dean of the Faculty that I be excused from class that day in order for me to take the Mathematical Olympiad, a test that was scheduled to start in a mere twenty minutes. I was neither prepared for the test nor consulted beforehand. Although I was taken aback, however, I went along and I took the test!

Soon after that, I found out that I’d won the Olympiad! In so doing, I became the first female to have won the competition in the history of the Faculty of Economics of our university.

Four years later, I had all but forgotten about my victory at the Olympiad but, luckily for me, the Dean of the Faculty hadn’t. At the job fair, which took place on campus, he said he had talked about me with the Head of Personnel Management within the “Kazmarganets” Mining Enterprise. He was then told however that while they were looking for students with career ambitions, economists among them.

But the Dean defended my credentials.

“Remember her name,” he said. “This lady won the Mathematical Olympiad. Please have a copy of her CV.”

A while later I had forgotten about the job fair but then came the call:

- Good afternoon! Were you the winner of the Higher Mathematics Olympiad?

- That's right.

- We would like to offer you an employment opportunity.

As a result, I didn’t spend a single day looking for a job. Seven years later, I'm still working at the company, having started as an economist overseeing auxiliary workshops and progressed to the position of Manager of Remuneration Packages at the Social Affairs Department in TNC Kazchrome JSC.

My story is a reminder to everyone that there is always a place for chance, luck and serendipity in our lives. You just need to be able to persevere, wait patiently and not lose faith.