Kuraisov Rustem

Kuraisov Rustem

Enterprise: Transnational company Kazchrome JSC

Position: Expert of organizational design strategy


Family in ERG

I observe one strict rule – not waste any minute of my life. Each day shall be 'spent with profit for you, your family, friends and colleagues. So, In the III Innovators Forum ERG I and my wife Aigul presented our project on teaching Latin alphabet and writing language.

We planed to open training class for people aged 17 to 50. I think, that within 2 years we could teach significant amount of Aktobe population. But till the present moment we have not find finances for our project.

We decided, that this fact is not the reason for despair and this year we participate the competition "ERG city'.  By the way, Aigul is an employee of AksZF and her colleagues presented the project for construction of a wrestling sport school in rural Akzhar-2.  I am happy, that my wife's team became a winner and now construction of the sport school in Azhar Ажаре recommenced. 

I have a philosophy – live now and here. So, I never put off till tomorrow what I can do today.  One day, when I was passing by a mosque, I had sensed the wish to read  Koran. I am up for it. I began with reading this holy book in Russian. Then, after my work hours I attended the training course of Arabic alphabet. Later I was able to read Koran in Arabic. Several times I participated sura reading contests.       

I am happy, that destiny provides me the opportunity to participate many events of Eurasian Group, due to what I can improve myself and become acquainted with the colleagues from other companies. I had a shot at amateur arts, visited the capital to participate "ERG Team Summer", participated youth scientific and technical congerence, Innovators Forum ERG, Almaty Marathon-2019.

I wish for my children Nursultan and Aisha to be as active as me and tend to do their life interesting and useful.