City: Aktobe

Experience: 5 years


We are responsible for our lives

Yerzhigit Yerkinbayuly, the namesake of our corporate hero Yerzhigit, works at the Aktobe Ferroalloy plant. He, by the way, looks like the darling of all hearts: the same active in life; loves his work; easily finds a common language with colleagues; close to a loving wife and faithful friends. He surprised his surroundings when he made a documentary film in which he showed all the sorrow of the residents of the Adult Residential Facility.  “This film was shot for young people,” Yerzhigit says. “It hurts to look at those who are separated from their home and close people today and live in a state institution. It's not in our mentality of taking parents to Adult Residential Facility. I hope my video helped people think and come to senses.”

Erzhigit Yerkinbayuly felt the taste of victories in his childhood. Aged 13 he became the champion of region on free-style wrestling. So he goes forward in person — to his goals.

School, Army, then Aktobe ferroalloy plant, about which was told so much by his sister Aigul. Yerzhigit came to the plant in 2014. He was brought in on the ground floor — he got a job in the shop for repair of metallurgical equipment as a Maintenance Technician. At first time the guy was struck by scope of plant and volumes of work. But there were always mentors who helped, taught, and brought in feelings if necessary.

 An important stage in his life is studying at the university: having studied in absentia, he received a diploma of Process Engineer. Later he successfully passed the exams for the Master Mechanic of the crane unit shop. And today he is a Reliability Engineer.

In his spare time Yerzhigit lives trying not to waste time: having participated in an artistic show of the plant's employees, he made a documentary film about the tragedies of people living in the Adult Residential Facility. Later he made a second film in which he told about how his life changed after coming to the plant.  

Yerzhigit is an active participant of the annual youth scientific and technical conference of Kazchrome. Last year, his work “Automated Lubrication System in Crane Unit” was second.  The Engineer said that the plant has a problem of premature wear of crane rails and crane wheels. The reason is increased wear from friction. Yerzhigit proposed to use an automatic lubrication system.  In his opinion, this will reduce wear and increase the service life of rails and wheels. He sent this offer to the portal “There is an Idea” and received the approval of the Management Company.

And in the competition “One Country – One Destiny”, timed to coincide with the Independence Day, he took the first place.

By the way, Yerzhigit is always and in all things supported by his wife Danagul.

- In many respects I am similar to the character of the comic book Yerzhigit, - says our colleague. - He became a role model for me: he clearly leads to goals.  I'm sure I can achieve a lot of things in my life. It is always important to remember that water never flows under settled stones. We must be able to take responsibility for our lives and then nothing is scary.

Sent by: Rustem KURAISOV