Elena Makovskaya

Elena Makovskaya

Enterprise: The heating plant of the Sokolovsko-Sarbaisky mining and processing production association JSC

Position: Head of accounting office


Up to dream!

It all started quite modestly. With a 7-day rafting on the Chusovaya River in September 2014 with a group of 14 tourists and one guide. After the gorgeous rest, I wanted more, but I complicated the task for myself, I had a desire to increase the dose of adrenaline. I found the tour for 2015, rafting on the Upper and Middle Katun river (with the passage of the rifts of the 4-5 category of difficulty). To see the beauty of Altai, to go hiking to the foot of Belukha – this desire moved me at that time. And I did what I had planned. The beauty of Belukha mountain and its surroundings conquered me.  Looking at the magnificence before me, I realized: I will definitely come back again, the mountain will not let me go just like that.

Preparation began at home with reading a large amount of literature. The future adventure had a category of high degree of complexity. The implementation of the plan developed for this important event was phased. June 2017 – the Eastern peak of Elbrus (height - 5621 meters) was conquered, in August 2018, in August 2018, the ascent to the top of Mount Kazbek from Georgia took place (height - 5033 meters). 

Since September 2018, my enhanced physical preparation for the ascent to Belukha began. For further test of my endurance, forays to Konzhakovsky stone (Ural) in November 2018 with accommodation in a winter tent and rafting on the Usva river in May 2019 were made.

And then came the long-awaited trip.

This year there are a lot of people who want to climb the highest peak of Siberia. We gathered 27 people plus a team of 6 instructors. The final composition of the expedition consisted of 33 people, divided into groups and went at intervals. 12 unforgettable days were to be experienced in a friendly company united by a single goal. The starting point is Barnaul. From here to Tungur and check in at the camp site. In the morning of the next day I overcame 16 kilometers in a team of 17 people going to the Tekelyu waterfall. Further - Akkem Lake (height 2050 meters), Akkem Glacier. On this part it was necessary to balance on huge stones — boulder stream. Go out on the glacier itself. Walk on it is easier: it is flat and covered with a dense carpet of small stones. It remains to overcome a steep climb along a heavily destroyed slope to Tomsk staging posts.

All the way the weather presented surprises. Thunderstorm, rain, light frost and bright sun – all the vicissitudes of nature were experienced by fans of extreme sports. It is hard both physically and psychologically. Every day was bright and memorable. The goal that united all travelers – the top of Belukha – was achieved on the seventh day of the campaign. I want to dwell on it in more detail.   

It was thundering storm and raining the whole evening. But by midnight the weather was almost perfect: light frost, starry sky and complete absence of wind. Only the moon was missing – it was very dark without it. After the quick breakfast, six roped teams of climbers moved toward the top at the appointed time. The route takes us to a huge ice labyrinth, the ridge is already visible – it is close! There is a large area where roped teams following us can finally relax, even unfasten the rope. Meanwhile, we stormed the summit tower – 80-meter steep snow-ice slope. And here it is, the long-awaited top of Belukha (height - 4509 meters)!

The bird's-eye view is breathtaking! That's for the sake of it is worth going through all the difficulties encountered on the way during the journey! The valley of the seven lakes is a paradise itself. On the ninth day we got there. At first, a low cloud hid all the surroundings from the eyes, but by noon the picturesque gorges, waterfalls, glaciers and lakes with clear water became visible around. You look and you can not enjoy the surrounding picture.

The saddest day in this period of adventure is the day of departure. The trip flew by as a moment, but at the same time, left a lot of vivid impressions that will warm us for a long time. Five years ago I tried for the first time to plunge into tourism and did not regret. I have an adult 25-year-old son, and I have reached certain professional heights, but most importantly, I realized the dream of my life. I'm not going to stop.  Next year I want to conquer one of the mountains of the Pamirs, or rather, Lenin peak (height - 7134 meters). See you on the routes, my friends!