Beybish Tokmurzina

Beybish Tokmurzina

Age: 86

City: Aktobe

Enterprise: Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant


A story of tremendous perseverance and kindness in the face of loss

At the age of 86, Beybish Tokmurzina came to work at the Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant following in her husband’s footsteps. Having worked as a dosing system operator until retirement, Beybish now found an occupation for the soul. She is sure that God gives her strength and good health because she knits clothes and hands out them to those in need.

Beybish grew up in Uil and left school early in order to help her parents around the house. She married young and soon moved to Aktobe with her husband, dreaming of having a big family.

“We lived in an apartment that belonged to our relatives,” Beybish recalls. It would be a long while before their first child, Sonya, was born but after that, they were very happy. Their son followed.

 “My husband, Idris, worked as a smelter at the Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant, and when the children grew up, I also got a job at the plant, working as a metals cleaner in smelting workshop No. 2. But I wanted to work on the dosing system and it took some time to get this job.”

Her eldest daughter went missing during her second year of university where she had been studying medicine. She left the house and, as of yet, there is no sign of her. Her parents looked for her everywhere and even applied to the programme, “Wait for Me”, but never found out what had happened to her. 

Tragically, Beybish also lost her son a while later but, after his death and her daughter’s disappearance, she did not abandon her hope of having a big family and went on to have four more children.  

“It was difficult at times and as it was necessary to work hard, there was no opportunity to sit at home,” Beybish says.

She started working as a street cleaner, but as the pay was as low as 60 rubles, it was necessary to find a better job.

“I returned to the plant, which offered a good and stable salary and gave me the opportunity to be closer to my husband. When times were especially difficult, the plant always helped.”

The Tokmurzins family received an apartment from the Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant. The children grew up, received higher education from their parents and entered the world of work. Beybish now has five grandchildren. The eldest graduated from the Nazarbayev school and studied in France. Another one of her grandchildren has also attained great success.

“Knowing that all my children have a job that they really love, I am calm and take joy in life. I decided to start knitting clothes and giving them to those who really need them or to neighbours and acquaintances. It's good for them and it’s good for me as well. I think God gives me strength and good health to carry on,” she says.

The story sent by: Victoria LYAKHOVA