Anastasia Belenkova-Lee

Anastasia Belenkova-Lee

City: Аксу

Enterprise: Kazakhstan Aluminium Smelter

Position: Technological Raw Materials Accounting Technician


The Secret of my Heart

My story is the story of a girl whose normal quiet life ended after her parents' divorce and death of her beloved grandmothers. Moving to my father, unfamiliar woman, new school, strange people, other rules. Then deduction from college for non-payment. And when I was 18, my father decided that I should start my life on my own.  At that moment, it seemed to me that life is just a pain.

I have such a habit of thinking before going to bed. And one day, analyzing what is happening, I clearly understood that there are people who do not have half of what I have: I have a roof over my head, clothes, food, parents and loved ones. I live in a peaceful country, I can see and hear, move around independently, speak and even sing.

And then I concluded: if I am dissatisfied with my current situation, I can enjoy helping those who really need it.  And I decided for myself that at every opportunity I will help old people and children from orphanages.

I kept my word. In 2016, having joined the enterprise of the Eurasian Group - Aksu Ferroalloy Plant, I learned about the existence of a volunteer movement here. Of course I immediately joined these guys. We had concerts in the Adult Residential Facility; finally, my vocal skills prove useful. I vividly remember the faces of our charges — sadness and joy, smiles and tears. And look how people with disabilities can appreciate their lives?! I think we should learn from them.

 I remember my and audience invading emotions when I sang a song on the scene about mother for the Day of March 8. And if you only saw those happy faces of children, who got new toys and clothes. Such sincere feelings, they can't be played. And in return, you feel grateful that these people give you the opportunity to bring happiness.

Every year I sort out my own and children's clothes, and then I distribute them to those in need through social networks. Then I receive messages with words of gratitude and wishes of health and happiness to my family. You know, the sense of usefulness brings great joy.

From January 2019 I am working at the Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant. The volunteer movement is also actively supported here. ERG Corporation, in addition to providing development in the workplace, gives people the opportunity to reveal their talents, their human qualities!

Each of us can make our “native” cities, our country a little better, happier and kinder! And you need to start with yourself, with your family, with your children.

You ask, so what is my achievement? That I was able to use God-given vocals for the benefit of others: my voice pleases other people. I was able to achieve harmony with myself and now I do not complain about life, but I love and appreciate it.

And believe me, each of us can live and enjoy every day. It is only necessary to want and listen to your heart.