Alexey Vasin

Alexey Vasin

Enterprise: Aktobe ferro-alloy plant

Position: Beltman


Alexey to the rescue

The phone of the BREXs production site beltman of slag processing shop of Aktobe ferro-alloy plant, Alexey Vasin, is ringing off the hook with requests to help – someone needs to settle in a kitten, and someone – to save a life. A smiley 22-years old guy has an eventful life. A young man managed to obtain a rank of a Junior Sergeant, make a parachute jump seven times, buy a house, get a job at the plant. He taught in the children club of spoon players, participated in several dancing teams at ones, had a side job of a cook and entered the “iron and steel industry” faculty.

Lyosha-The Fire, as he is called nu by the colleagues, is known not only at the plant but all over the world. Nowadays the volunteer for the plant gets calls from Germany, Lithuania, Belarus: people admire his proactivity and offer him help in his activity.

It all started from the volunteers of Aktobe plant knowing about the heroism of a young man, Artyom, who suffered, saving his grandfather from the fire. The boy rushed into a burning garage, where the elderly man was, and took him away from the fire, but severely suffered himself. Artyom had only a mother, that has already been having a hard time, and now – a son with burns all over the body in hand.

Alexey could not disregard this story and together with the volunteers from the plant they gathered a small amount. He understood that this money would be enough for the initial treatment only, and decided not to leave this family.

- I put myself in Artyom’s position. I would rush into that garage just like him then I would lie, castaway. No! I addressed local mass media to tell them about the hero that was in critical condition, taken care of by his lone mother. People heard about it not only in Kazakhstan, people started to call me from all around the world, transfer money to Artyom. We gathered one and a half million for him. He was operated on and, as the doctors say, he is doing well.

The fellows set a duty among each other, they visit their new friend at off-work time, feed him, tell him about the work, about a Youth board, about how interesting it is at the plant.

All young people of the enterprise know about Lyosha’s kind soul. If you need to settle in a homeless cat or dog – you need Lyosha, help a person – also Lyosha, hold some promotion or some challenge – you need to call Lyosha!

- I have two dogs and 5 cats at home. I took a cat and she delivered us four more. My wife and I thought we would give them away, but they somehow took root at our place, - Alexey tells. – I feel pity for them. The sellers already know me, when I come in, give me a feedstuff for the cats. On my way home I give a half to the outdoor cats.

At age 22 Alexey has a story. The fifth son in the family. When Lyosha was 15, he lost a father. At that point it just clicked in my mind and I did not want to be just a mousy person any longer.

- My father was an artist, taught me to develop my imagination. He drew pictures for me, inexplicable for everyone else, and I discovered people, compositions in them. He managed to develop my imagination, - Lyosha says.

Impressible Alexey tries to try everything he likes all the time. Watched a cooking broadcast, where a young chef quickly cooked interesting melas – entered a cooking faculty, even worked some time. Saw a movie, where young people danced beautifully and performed in a wide public – signed up for a dancing class. Visited several groups at a time, performed a lot. In the Friendship centre, which Lyosha visited, everyone knew him, offered to become a head of children club of spoon players. He did not refuse:

- Well, I never refuse of what I am being offered. Parents entrusted me their children, sure thing – when we came back from the trips, we never lost even a sock. Discipline in everything. It has always been this way, and especially when I started my military service. I was not summoned, I wanted to serve in the airborne forces very much. My mother wrote several acknowledgements that she was not against my service. I obtained a rank of a Junior Sergeant in the army, the officers respected me, gave me an opportunity to make parachute jumps more often. I jumped seven times – it is really cool.

Now Lyosha-The Fire confesses that the work at the plant is a pleasure for him. And after this man entered the Youth board of the plant, his life became even brighter. Here he found an approval and support of what he can and wants to do

- Although the atmosphere at the BREXs production site is not creative at all, there is a time to think. You do your work and inventing something you in your mind, - Alexey Vasin says, smiling.

The story sent by: Victoria LYAKHOVA