Alexander Shitov

Alexander Shitov

Enterprise: Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant

Position: MRO Development Manager


Lest we forget

The pride of the Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant –, Alexander Shitov. He is valued not only as a responsible and effective employee – he managed to grow from a locksmith for the repair of technological equipment to a manager for the MRO development manager. He's also doing a good thing: Alexander is the commander of the search party called "Maidan Zholy", known far beyond Kazakhstan.

Two native grandfathers of Alexander participated in the great Patriotic war. Both returned safely to their families after the war. But among those who died without hearing the cry of the Soviet Union's victory were his great-grandfathers. The thought that these brave soldiers, like millions of others who died in battle, never returned to their native land, do not let Alexander leave everything just like that.

And laborious, self-sacrificing activities of the commander have started since the first expedition in 2010. Then the searchers went to the Leningrad region. In that year, on the Sinyavino heights, the members of the expedition, which included employees of the aluminium division, historians of one of the local universities, installed a monument for four thousand soldiers of the Pavlodar people, who died in the part of the 314th rifle division. Alexander Shitov’s grandfathers opposed the enemy among them. The first year of the large-scale project was the most impressive, then the scouts raised 40 fighters.

For many years men of the first search unit of Pavlodar are under the umbrella of a large international project of ERG, "Batyrlar zholymen" - "By the Path of Glory". Its implementation allowed not only to study new names of heroes of the great Patriotic war, to install monuments and busts to brave Kazakhstanis, but also to perpetuate their names in the names of streets and schools of several cities of the Russian Federation. All this was preceded by a large amount of research, months of negotiations, the protection of the project called "memory watch" and the installation of monuments. All this is done by the commander of the "Maidan Zholy" search party, Alexander Shitov.

Knowing this person, one sometimes wonders how enthusiasm is not just dying in him, but on the contrary, more and more initiatives are appearing. He conducts his work in parallel with social activities, sports hobbies, and of course, fatherly duties.

By the way, Alexander grows up two wonderful twin daughters. Despite the employment at the peak of preparations for the next expedition, Alexander adamantly performs all his fatherly duties. And as his wife Aigul admits, for all the time since the birth of her daughters to the present day, such active activity of her husband never became an obstacle to building a friendly and strong family. On the contrary, she has a great interest in everything that the head of the family does, like her daughters. The desire to go on an expedition with a search party, to see firsthand everything that brings real pride to many of us, does not disappear.

According to Alexander, it would be very desirable that number of participants of such movements increased, and children of members of "Maidan Zholy" search party began to adopt experience of their parents.

The story sent by: Altynai IBRAYEVA