Enterprise: Aluminum of Kazakhstan JSC, Krasnooktyabrskoye Bauxite Mine

Position: Assistant Engine Driver, Krasnogorsk mine

Experience: 2 years


Life, the most valuable gift

"Liver urgently needed! Please help our son, Alyosha!” This desperate cry did not leave Alexey Sychugov indifferent. He did not hesitate to call the child's father and offer his help. After a full examination, the doctors confirmed the following: Sychugov could become a liver donor for the child.

January 21, 2019. The working day of assistant engine driver, Alexey Sychugov, has drawn to a close. Before going to bed, he went online and followed the plea of the inconsolable parents on social media. The life of four-year-old Alyosha could end at any moment. Alex called the relevant number and said he was ready to have a medical examination.

“The next day I approached to the head of the site, said that I wanted to help the boy and asked him for a week of unpaid leave. We met in Astana (Nur-Sultan),” our hero recalls. “Then there was a week of various medical examinations because it is not that easy to become a donor. I was happy that I was clear on all the indicators and could give a person the most valuable gift: a life!”

The little boy’s father, Vladimir, was also his donor, but the organ was rejected, and the mother and son were again in hospital. The child felt worse every day and could not move or speak. The doctors were preparing the young parents for the worst. But they hoped, waited and prayed. Soon their prayers were answered.

“In March, we had the most difficult operation in Turkey,” says the boy's father. “Two Alexeys; our son and our donor and savior. It is difficult to describe the feelings that my wife and I experienced through all these difficult years. It hurt beyond words to see my child cry and suffer. But we believed that we would save our child. We had come a long way and I'd spent significant time at the Ministry of Health in order to secure the opportunity for the operation in Turkey. And I got it! Our son was in critical condition when he was taken to the Turkish clinic and began to prepare for surgery. Fortunately, everything went well and we hope that both of our Alexeys will quickly recover.”

According to Vladimir, it is impossible to ever find such words of gratitude for the person who saves the life of your child. Alexey Sychugov shares this story unwillingly, does not consider his deed a feat and did not even tell his family about his intention to become a donor. Today, the young man is on sick leave away from the intense demands of hard, physical labor. Alexey had a third of his liver removed and gallbladder was taken a vessel from his leg. The scars are now healing.

“My operation lasted 7 hours,” Alexey recalls. “Little Alyosha spent 9 hours in the operating room. We were operated on at the same time. My young friend did not even cry. The pain started after the operation. The recovery was difficult, the pain very strong. I am allergic to painkillers, but we did well. The worst is over now. What we should focus on is that the operation was successful and the child did not have to go through the whole nightmare for a third time. Now we are friends. May Alyosha have a swift recovery! He has a long and happy life ahead of him and I have a job waiting for me. In August, I plan to resume my work.”

The story sent by: Natalya MIKHEL