Aigul Zhumagaliyeva

Aigul Zhumagaliyeva

Enterprise: Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant

Position: Head of Laboratory for the repair and verification of measuring instruments


Swapping a wrench for a violin

The Head of the Laboratory for repair and verification of measuring instruments at Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant, Aigul Zhumagaliyeva, believes that the power of music can do wonders for a person, no matter what their mood or feeling is. Aigul, who is an expert in working with computing devices, is sure that playing musical instruments can help people overcome lots of things.  

After graduating with honors from the faculty of automation, Aigul got a job at the Aktobe plant. She started with the adjuster of instrumentation and automation. After working in that position for only a couple of years, Aigul soon rose to the position of head of laboratory production and has been doing a great job there ever since.

Before starting her professional career, Aigul set a goal “to become a professional engineer and a highly qualified specialist in the field of automation. In order to reach that goal, I always made sure to volunteer myself to go above and beyond of what was asked of me.”

Aigul recalls that every day after work, she would come home and change swap her wrench for a musical instrument, playing for hours on end.

Aigul plays both drums and string instruments. She says that if you play from the heart, the music will always sound beautiful.

"When I was 6 years old, my mother and I were near a music school. That was the first time I heard the piano, the sound of which fascinated me. The same day I asked her to send me to that school. But when I got there, I found out that there was limited space for piano lessons, so they placed me in the violin class. After graduating from that music school, I put the violin to the side and barely touched it again. My love for music resurfaced after the birth of my child. It was then that I decided that my child should grow up with music and instruments,” says Aigul.

So, a synthesizer, bells, flutes of several kinds, percussion sets, zhetygen (an ancient string instrument) and many more instruments appeared in Aigul's house. Later, Aigul decided that to host an exhibition of musical instruments. Within a few months, the musician found like-minded people and invited them to give concerts in kindergartens to acquaint children with music. Aigul set a goal – to teach children to love music and encourage parents to provide access to instruments. She believes that it is very important to "properly introduce" a child to a musical instrument. Aigul is planning to open a small studio so that children can attend her lessons more often – get acquainted with the instrument and listen to its beautiful sound.

Aigul notes that music should bring, first and foremost, pleasure. So, for example, a colleague of Aigul, and now also a performing partner, Rakhim Guliyev (a mechanic involved with the shop of automation of production and communication) picked up the conga and plays very interesting music together with his manager. These types of musical initiatives in automation, production and communication workshop are also becoming increasingly noticed by ERG’s management. Now they have applied to participate in the musical theater company of ERG to accompany the 25th anniversary of the business in Kazakhstan.

The story sent by: Victoria LYAKHOVA